u-he - Urs Heckmann

u-he: CVilization (quadraphonic modular performance)

Last year we presented a glimpse of CVilization, our first Eurorack module. At that time we only had one of the operation modes working, and we were still thinking about future modes. Twelve months and a few board revisions later, we now have all four modes up and running, we are fine-tuning the firmware and are cautiously gearing up for beta-testing.
I will be presenting CVilization’s Modes III and IV, the so-called “Sequence Multiplier” and the Quadraphonic Mixer. The sequence multiplier transforms CVilization into 4 independent 16-step CV channels which can record, mutate and transpose sequences. The quadraphonic mixer takes four channels of audio or CV (24bit 96 kHz, +/-10V) and lets you mix, auto-pan and CV-pan them across the 4 output channels.