Kebu is an artist who creates new instrumental, melodic synthesizer music using analogue synthesizers only. His music is distinguished
not only by a skillful treatment of analogue synthesis.

Kebu's debut album from 2012, To Jupiter and Back, was a tribute to the great synthesizer music that he grew up with. The album was well received – it went straight to Top 30 on the Finnish Album Chart and it was nominated for "Best International Album" in the German Schallwelle Music Awards.

With his latest release, Perplexagon, Kebu has honed his craft and produced a two-sided album, which mixes influences from both 70’s and 80’s music as well as from modern electro in a distinct manner.

In 2017, Kebu gave 50 concerts around Europe. His concerts are surrounded by warmth and joy, as well as a huge arsenal of analogue synths.

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